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Love, Sunday was created as a resource, thoughtfully designed to bring inspiration, motivation and guidance to living a life sans "Sunday night blues". Our intention is to fill the gap between stagnation and mobilization with information. Really, really good information, whether that be in the form of our own original content, a review of something helpful we encountered, or just passing things along. We believe that quality information plus more transparency in how others are creating their "happier lives" will inspire and motivate you to continue to move in the direction of loving all of your days. Love, Sunday is a love letter from all the Sundays that were spent dreading the coming week. No more. Please join us in reclaiming your Sundays (and Mondays, and Tuesdays and...). Follow us on social media and subscribe to our site to stay up to date on our latest posts. Thanks for visiting and peace, love and happiness in 2016! Love, Sunday.

Love, Sunday is a division of Amerpsand Consulting, a leadership development group designed to guide, train and work in conjunction with leaders of influence and organizations achieve a holistic and more effective approach to work.