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**** Bummed that you missed this workshop? It's not too late! Schedule a one-on-one session with me (or include a group of your friends) and we can conduct this workshop right in the comfort of your own space, anywhere in the world. This workshop will be hosted via Facetime or Skype and all materials will be sent to you in advance. Session prices vary from the workshop price.****

Finding Your Authentic Voice; a Leadership Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs

Love, Sunday and T&Co. have joined efforts to bring to you our Los Angeles Workshop on Finding Your Authentic Voice; a Leadership Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs. This 3 hour workshop will be an interactive session where we will guide you to explore parts of your own personal story and narrative to identify your core strengths and values. The goal is to learn to push past limiting beliefs and obstacles to reveal your most authentic self as well as build skills to learn how to communicate effectively, leading with your strengths.


This workshop will be led by Sharon Lee, Certified Leadership Coach and Founder of Love, Sunday, and Jennifer Odera, Founder of T&Co. Both Sharon and Jennifer bring to you their own strength based leadership coaching experiences. Applying Sharon's background as a leadership coach as well as a corporate and technology attorney coupled with Jennifer's experience as a MBA educated solo-entrepreneur, this workshop was created to get you out of your comfort zone and practice articulating your strengths as an integral part of your life and business. 

Workshop: Finding Your Authentic Voice; A Leadership Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs
Who is this for? This workshop is beneficial for anyone who wants to learn the art of self advocacy and leadership, and is specifically tailored to women who are growing their own businesses, writers, bloggers, and the like, at any stage. If you're looking to be part of a community, you're at the right place.

SPECIAL BONUS! This workshop will include a 30 minute break on the art and importance of self care and Jennifer will take you through her own tea ritual using teas from around the world. Learn how to brew a proper cup of tea and join in on the tea and conversations.

Come hang out with us for an afternoon - you'll leave feeling more confident and prepared to speak loudly and proudly of your strengths and your mission, and you'll be part of a growing local community of strong women leaders.

Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged as we have a pre-registration questionnaire for you to get a taste of what's to come on the day of. This questionnaire is meant to be introspective, challenging you to think deeply about your strengths and your business - it'll get you ready for the day of the workshop, but it'll also give us an opportunity to directly address some questions or areas of improvement. 

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